Mosaic Common House

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Mosaic Common's Common House is the center of our neighborhood, both physically and socially. It's the place where the community comes together -- for shared meals, for games and entertainment, for meetings, for parties, for hobbies and activities.

Our Common House provides

  • A great room for (optional) shared meals and large events
  • A dining room for more private meals, or expansion space on the great room
  • A large commercial-quality kitchen with mixed-height work surfaces, gas ranges, two ovens and refrigerators, and commercial dishwasher
  • A kid's playroom with a window view from the building's hub, and its own bathroom and exit to the outdoors
  • A recreation/multi-purpose room with ping pong, puzzles, crafts tables, foosball and more
  • An exercise room
  • A living room for smaller gatherings and casual socializing
  • A music room
  • Shared laundry facilities (in addition to laundry hookups in every home)
  • A small herb garden off the kitchen, in addition to the large community vegetable garden
  • A large shaded front porch
  • Smaller rooms for hobbies, smaller meetings, etc.
  • Mail boxes and coat room
  • Handicapped accessible bathroom and shower
  • A large outdoor hot tub
  • A paved courtyard for outdoor cooking, patio tables and children's play
  • Internet service
  • Dual fuel fireplace (gas/wood)
  • Energy efficient heating and cooling (heat pump)
  • Super insulated and low-toxicity, just like all our individual units

All residents have full use of the common house. It's like having extra rooms on your house that happens to not be attached.

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